Case Study

Cost segregation study can accelerate depreciation

A manufacturing company spends $5 million to purchase land and a building. A hypothetical example of the potential difference in resulting depreciation “lives” with vs. without a cost segregation study might be the following:

Category Depreciation without study Depreciation with study
5 year: No depreciation taken $ 500,000
7 year: No depreciation taken $ 440,000
15 year: No depreciation taken $ 360,000
39 year: $ 3,900,000 $ 2,600,000

Total depreciation $ 3,900,000 $ 3,900,000
Land1 $ 1,100,000 $ 1,100,000

Total: $ 5,000,000 $ 5,000,000

The accelerated depreciation provides tax savings now, and can be well worth the cost of performing the study. Every business and every building is different, however, and only a qualified team of professionals can help you evaluate whether your situation is a good candidate for such a study.

1 Nondepreciable